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Patrick O'Hanley
The Ferris Wheel
Date: Jun 29, 2019 5:36:12 PM PDT
Author: Patrick O'Hanley

Hey Jay,
I recently was trained on the Big Eli
Ferris wheel at my amusement park. I
reading your post about the Big Eli
at Mountain park because I was looking
some pointers. I was shocked to hear
it the wheel that you were talking
about is
the same wheel that I was trained on
morning at the Sandspit Amusement Park!
just wanted to let you know that we
our wheel and now I appreciate it so
more that I know some of the history
it and where it came from.
Sincerely, Patrick O'Hanley


The Ferris Wheel
Date: Jul 6, 2019 7:14:03 AM PDT
Author: Jay

Great to hear from you, Patrick! I'm glad you all love that wheel,
and it's nice to see that you're trying your best to do the job well.
I've been wanting to get to Sandspit for decades. (In fact, in my
dreams I move to PEI and spend my time working at Sandspit.) I
was hoping this would be the year we visit, but alas, it will have to
wait. We're planning a trip for next year, so if you're still there
maybe we'll see you. Have fun running the wheel. It surely will
keep you busy!


Patrick O'Hanley
The Ferris Wheel
Date: Sep 7, 2019 7:43:55 PM PDT
Author: Patrick O'Hanley

That's awesome to here that you plan
on coming to Sandspit next year.
Sorry I didnt respond to you sooner;
I was too busy running the wheel. I
do plan on working at Sandspit again
next year and hopefully I will see
you. There are only 3 rides at
Sandspit that I'm not trained on,
and one of them is the Scrambler
from Mountain Park. Hopefully I will
learn that next!


The Ferris Wheel
Date: Sep 15, 2019 4:08:52 PM PDT
Author: Jay

Glad to hear you're going back to Sandspit next year, Patrick.
Hopefully I'll see you there.


The Ferris Wheel
Date: Sep 16, 2019 5:24:59 AM PDT
Author: gopo

hi jay great forum I was wandering if you could tell me what year the route 5 clowns head entrance was changed ? and if the access road was there from the beginning why did they put in the clowns head entrance. also did that entrance lead to the access road or to the parking lot of the park? any help would be there a way to email you because I have a soft spot for mountain park nick
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The Ferris Wheel
Date: Nov 29, 2019 5:46:53 AM PST
Author: Jay

Hi Nick. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. The change
happened when the new Route 5 access road was built. I'd have
to research the exact date that happened, but I don't believe it
was when I-91 was built in 1962. I think it was several years later,
in the early 1970s.

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